Zoa Morani on her battle with coronavirus: My first symptom was a fever, followed by cough, weakness and breathlessness

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Written by Komal RJ Panchal
| Mumbai |

Updated: April 11, 2020 10:18:20 pm

Varun Dhawan Zoa Morani During a live session on Instagram, Zoa Morani opened up about her coronavirus symptoms. (Photo: Varun Dhawan/Twitter)

Actor Varun Dhawan went live on Instagram with Zoa Morani on Saturday. Zoa, who was tested positive for coronavirus, joined the live session from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai.

Varun Dhawan shared, “Zoa and I are pretty much childhood friends. We know each other for more than ten years now. Till it doesn’t happen to someone you know, you don’t actually know the gravity of the situation.” Songs Lyrics 4 you

The two then started discussing how Zoa Morani first figured that she might have COVID-19.

Zoa said, “It started with a fever around March 20. It was a very mild fever, and I was feeling a little bit of weakness. But actually, my sister (Shaza) got a fever before that. She was feeling feverish a day before me. A day after that, we checked my temperature, and I also had a fever. The first two days. it wasn’t much at all. It was just a little bit of weakness and the fever. After the third or fourth day, this cough started. A very strange kind of cough. So, then it got scary because we were reading online, and the symptoms had started matching. But still, it wasn’t too bad until the sixth or the seventh day when I started feeling it in my chest, and the cough was becoming more intense.”

When Varun Dhawan asked Zoa Morani if she knew it on the first day itself that she might have contracted coronavirus, she said, “Not at all. All these symptoms started slowly. It was after five-six days that I was not able to taste my food. Then my cold was intense. My eyes were hurting and the headache. I also started feeling so tired. The weakness kind of increased. So my first symptom was a fever, followed by cough, weakness and then breathlessness. After seven to eight days, we started feeling better. But what helped me maximum was coming to the hospital. Within three days of hospitalisation, I feel totally fine. So, I think the best thing to do when you see symptoms is to go to the hospital and get yourself tested.” Songs Lyrics 4 you

Varun then enquired if Zoa was quarantined when she had these symptoms. She said, “When both of us (she and her sister Shaza) realised that we had a fever, we completely isolated ourselves. We stayed in our rooms and kept away from our parents. We were eating in our rooms and making sure that whatever we were sending out of our room was not contaminated.”

Zoa added, “Shaza’s fever and headache stayed for seven days. Then her symptoms suddenly stopped, while my symptoms continued. Once she started feeling good, she was upping her immunity. So I don’t know how she tested positive. Maybe the virus stays in the body for fourteen days after the first time you show symptoms. Papa (Karim Morani) has zero symptoms. I don’t know how papa got it because we were very careful at home. We didn’t meet our parents at all when we were under self-isolation.

Zoa Morani concluded the live session by saying, “There is nothing to be scared about. It feels like a normal flu. I thank God that my symptoms were not very serious because I know for a fact that there are so many people in the world who have much serious symptoms than me. Just get tested!”

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