Vodka Diaries : Movie Review

Vodka Diaries : Movie Review

Release Date: 19th January, 2018

Cast : Mandira Bedi, Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen, Rishi Bhutani, Sharib Hashmi, Herry Tangri

Director : Kushal Shrivastav

Movie Review: Vodka Diaries could easily have become one of the best thriller movies of all times. With it’s top notch actors and gripping storyline the movie is one of the good watch of the year 2018. The movie begins with ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) who is the investigating officer of a murder case. He is on board to investigate the murder of a young girl named Meghna. Outside her house he finds the body of Meghna’s boyfriend hanging from a tree. He was trying to figure something out just when he receives a call from Vodka Diaries, a hotel where a dead body is also located. Rony Duggal’s dead body has been found in the hotel where he was staying along with his partner. And when he leaves the hotel he finds out the body of another man Nick Bhatia whose body is covered in a snow. Now, there are a total of four dead bodies and the single connection between all of these dead bodies is that all of them were attending the anniversary party of Vodka Diaries. Now, when ACP Ashwini Dixit is trying to join the dots he receives a call from an unknown number where a lady is threatening her to solve this case. Our investigating officer decides to call his wife to ensure that she is safe but finds out that the same lady picks up the call. He rushes back to his home to find out that his wife is missing. Now, he not only has a murder case to solve but also find out about his missing wife.

The movie no doubt has a very interesting storyline. Especially the first half is extremely gripping. It won’t allow you to give any loo breaks as in those 15-20 minutes you might miss out some very important information of the movie. The star of the movie is it’s direction and beautiful cinematography. Each and every scene is quite speaking in itself and delivers a loud tap on the audience. The movie has got 3 songs but they don’t do much to the story. They could easily have been eliminated from the movie. They exist merely as supporting links to the movie. Not to forget the background score is also awesome. Together the movie comes as a very good package. But the problem with such kind of movies is that you need to maintain the quality and the gripping factor throughout the movie else the movie might fall flat on the face. And the same thing happens in the second half. Too much of clues and gripping factor is what makes the second half of the movie really boring and confusing among the audience. By second half you are dying to know what happens to the characters and thus this becomes a big question mark in the movie by the end. The director is trying hard to justify his own standards but even then the movie is worth a watch because of it’s terrific cast. Not to mention Kay Kay Menon is leading the race. The scene speaks volume in which we see him and the audience cannot take their eyes off him. Not to forget he is the best in the movie. Even when he shares screen space with other actors we are unable to look at someone else. Such is his command on his acting. Raima sen also comes as a surprise package in the movie as her acting is quite good in the movie.

Rating : 4 Stars out of 5  

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