Union Leader : Movie Review

Union Leader : Movie Review

Cast : Rahul Bhat, Jayesh More, Tillotama Shome, Jay Vithlani, Samvedna Suwalka

Director : Sanjay Patel

Duration : 1 hour 45 Minutes

Review : Sanjay Sharma’s movie Union Leader takes us through the subject which has quite evident in cinemas in 80s and 90s and post that we lost hold of it. It is about workers vs management in factories. We had many movies on the same subject and plight of workers back then but right now the factories are limited to songs and fights and kidnapping sequences. So, firstly kudos for Sanjay Sharma to bring this topic out.

The star of the movie is Jay (Rahul Bhat) who is a worker at a chemical factory located in Gujarat. The factory is said to be one of the biggest in the sector. But the employees are facing the wrath of working in the chemical factory as most of the employees have been injured because of this. They are facing lung and chest diseases and also some of them have got serious skin infections and worst most of them have died also. Thus, Rahul Bhat who is portrayed as the hero for his fellow workers stands up to fight for all of their rights. But Rahul Bhat has also got his share of sad story and suffering back at his home. He returns to his pragmatic wife Geeta (Tillotama Shome) and together they are seen struggling to meet their both ends at home. They also have a teenage son Harsh (Tirth Sharma) who has recently joined some local Gandhi Ashram where he is volunteering. This is a vital stage for his career and life and he is getting his first hand experience on the Gandhian philosophy.  With his short but meaningful dialogues and Gandhian philosophies Harsh inspires Jay in numerous ways and somehow they contribute to be his thoughts and inspirations and help me in his struggle in the factory. If the movie was set in Foreign or Pre British Era then Karl Marx would be serving as a great source of inspiration for Jay.

Back at work Jay has to deal with his over torturous boss Ketul (Mehul Buch) who is doing everything to make life hell for his fellow workers. He is unable and not at all interested to listen and pay heed to their miseries and that is what making the struggle of Jay and his comrades extremely difficult. Together they form a labour union and thus their journey to better days begin. They are fighting for medical insurance and better salaries at their end. But of course as always the road to success is not easy as always.

The movie begins on a good note by highlighting the plight of workers in a chemical factory which have been ignored since very long. The movie works superbly to bring out their issues and fight for their rights. And the emotional and sentimental part is highlighted quite well in the movie. And that’s what makes the audience love the movie in the first part. The first part of the movie is quite gripping with a good narrative and an engaging storyline. But sorry to state the movie falters after that. It loses it’s direction and later in becomes too fantasy and quite far from reality. At some point in second half you will start having a feeling that the movie is quite far fetched and thus the audience starts to lose their focus.

Talking about the performance of the lead actors in the movie, it is more or less good. Rahul Bhat is definitely a hidden gem in Bollywood which need to be polished more to reach that star level.

Movie Rating : 2.5/5

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