Street Dancer 3D Box Office Collection Day 2

The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave Street Dancer 3D 1.5 stars. She wrote, “Another film would have made something of the fact that its two warring-but-will-turn-into-loving leads belong to ‘enemy’ countries. But all this one does is have Sahaj, repping Big Brother India, lecture Inayat’s conservative family, so she is ‘allowed’ to do what pleases her. Still, when the film starts making noises about India-Pakistan bhai-bhai, with the almost-forgotten ‘mile sur mera tumhara’ ringing in the background, you want to give it a bravery award: any talk of ‘bhaichara’ in these times deserves attention, even if it stays strictly on the stage.”

“If only the dancing were better,” Shubhra added.