Sonu Sood news on June 8: Bollywood actor meets Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

Speaking to The Indian Express, Sonu Sood had said that he empathized with the migrants after seeing visuals of them walking on foot to their homes, adding that being a Punjabi and given the way he was raised by his parents, he could not just sit and do nothing.Songs Lyrics 4 You

“When I saw those migrants walking on the roads, with their kids, elders, those were the most disturbing visuals of my life. I decided I am not going to sit at home and crib about it. My mom used to teach kids free of cost, my dad used to organise langars outside his shop. I was raised with those values in Punjab. My mother used to says that ‘if you can’t help anyone then don’t consider yourself successful’,” the actor said.Songs Lyrics 4 You