Prabhas in Six Pack

Prabhas in Six Pack

Bahubali is one of the most talked about topic movie in recent times. And why not the movie is extremely dramatic and grand and it is one epic historic movie. The movie came up with a sequel also and before the sequel came out you could hear everyone asking why did Katappa kill amrendra bahubali. Well, that was the talk of the nation.

But other that there were many other questions and curiosity that made our nation go crazy. The biggest suspicion we all had when we saw Prabhas in six pack. Yes, Prabhas the main actor of the movie had an amazing six pack which could make any man crazy and women swoon over Prabhas.

So, let’s find out in detail about Prabhas in six pack look. Prabhas is a highly committed actor. He did not sign any other movie or even commercial till 3 years when Bahubali was being made. He had to prep his body 8 months before the actual production began. That was the level of commitment that the guy had.

Coming to his weight and body details, Prabhas is definitely tall. He has a wonderful height of 6 feet and 2 inches. And he was weighing around 85Kg before the first part of the movie began. For the first part his physical trainers were advised that he should have a body weight of 105 kg and thus he had to gain another 20 kg. But now comes the difficult part. This 20 kg should not be in fat but in muscular form which is extremely difficult. And for the second part he had to gain another 30 kg which would put him around 135 Kg. And in both the movies he was required to flaunt his beautiful, muscular and signature six pack. And that’s how we got to see Prabhas in six pack.

Prabhas in order to achieve this marvellous body went through a very strict and detailed workout and diet plan. He took inspiration from WWE wrestlers and personally observed them and interacted with them to understand their body and the science behind this. He took inspiration from many international wrestlers but surprisingly he didn’t hire any renowned fitness trainer for himself. You won’t believe what he did. He bought himself an entire gym of international standard worth Rs. 1.5 crore and set it in the outdoor setting of his garden area. He loved to workout in the greenery of his house.

Prabhas took help from Laxman Reddy, the well known Mr. World Body Building champion in the year 2010 and he has another 13 body building titles to his credit. Initially Mr. Reddy trained both Prabhas and Rana but later on he shifted completely towards Prabhas and he is the reason why we saw Prabhas in six pack. But there were numerous other dieticians also who were closely monitoring and keeping a track on Prabhas’s diet.

Since Prabhas had the task of putting up 20 kg in the first six months thus he was given heavy protein intake. He was advised to have 2000-4000 calories every day. He used to eat every 2 hours. He was advised to have 40 egg whites and 500 grams of chicken every day. Other than this he also had ample amount of nuts, almonds, broccoli, spinach and fishes to maintain the protein supply to his body. He also used to have a minimum of 10 to 12 glasses of water to have enough hydration in his body.

Prabhas followed the rule of 70:30 where 30% was his workout and 70% was his diet share. That is how we got to see Prabhas in six pack in the epic movie.

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