Padmavat : Movie Review

Padmavat : Movie Review

Cast : Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aditi Rao Hydari

Director : Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Duration : 2 Hours 44 Minutes

Review :

After much hue and cry the movie Padmavat aka Padmavati has finally hit the theatres. And of course we all re excited to watch the movie. But before booking your tickets and risking your life let’s have a look at the review of the immensely popular movie. Let’s find out if the movie is worth watching or not.

The first shot of the movie takes us to Afghanistan where we see the young Ranveer Singh who is trying his best to convince the ruler of Khilji dynasty to get him married to his daughter. And on the day of his marriage he is seen getting intimate with another girl and he also kills another loyal of Khilji dynasty. And within 5 minutes of the movie you get a glimpse of the crazy and mad portrayal of Ranveer Singh’s character. And boy I am impressed.

Now, the movie shifts back to India where you see Deepika shooting in some deep dense jungles and she incidentally hurts Shahid Kapoor. Now, this is the point where I feel some animation was missing. I expected Deepika and Shahid’s opening shot to be grand and of course I was disappointed by this. And then you see both of them falling in love and that happens very soon for me. The chemistry and spark which you see in a couple was missing between them. Anyhow they get married and return to Shahid’s kingdom where Deepika is envied by Shahid’s first wife. But everyone loves Deepika and she enjoys her time in the kingdom. But because of some evil eye Shahid’s loyal is thrown out of the Kingdom by Shahid himself of course on the directions of Deepika. And that is the time when the man who is also the guru of Shahid decides that he will take matters in his hand and seek his revenge.

Meanwhile Ranveer is playing his evil game and becomes the ruler of Khilji dynasty. He enjoys his time with his slave which is being beautifully played by Jim Sarbh. Ranveer’s only wedded wife Aditi Rao Hydari realizes that she is married to a monster when she gets to know the true self of Ranveer Singh. But Shahid’s loyal plays a game and he lands up at Ranveer’s feet to tell him about the beauty of Deepika aka Rani Padmini. And Ranveer being a womanizer is obviously intrigued and decides to win Mewar and make Rani Padmini his slave. And thus the war begins between Raja Rawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor) and Khilji (Ranveer Singh) ruler.

Now, coming to the review of the movie, the first and foremost thing which is felt was the chemistry and spark missing between the leading pair of the movie. There was no romance or even that magic in Shahid and Deepika’s eyes when they are together in a scene. Secondly, Deepika’s performance was also not quite impactful in the movie. For me I expected her character to be strong but that didn’t come out in the movie.  Of course she wore heavy jewellery and costumes but there was something missing in her expression. But of course the last 15 minutes of the movie was all about Deepika Padukone and she overshadowed the movie completely. Her eyes did the talking even without her lips moving. Her expressions were bang on. And Shahid Kapoor well let’s just say he was suited to play the character of Raaj Rawal Ratan Singh. We expected someone strong to be opposite Ranveer and he was quite weak with physique and expressions both. But Ranveer Singh was the ultimate show stealer in the movie. You can see his kohl rimmed blood shot eyes and his scar ridden face and you know that this guy will create magic on screen and boy he delivers. The only performance which stood out in the movie was of Ranveer Singh. 

 Rating : 4.5/5

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