Nirdosh : Movie Review

Nirdosh : Movie Review

Release Date : 19th January, 2018

Cast : Mukul Dev, Ashmit Patel, Arbaaz Khan,  Maheck Chahal, Manjari Fadnis

Director : Subroto Paul, Pradeep Rangwani

Movie Review : 19th January 2018 saw a number of bollywood releases and Nirdosh is one of those movies. It has Arbaaz Khan in the lead role who even after a decade has been unable to set his foot in the Bollywood. He started his career in Bollywood with Hello Brother where he was alongside his own brother Salman Khan and that time superstar Rani Mukherjee.  The movie did good business at box office and Arbaaz Khan received mixed reviews but still audience thought that they will be able to see much more of the star and that’s why they kept their fingers crossed. But sadly Arbaaz Khan couldn’t prove himself correct. Even after being a part of so many movies he couldn’t mark his presence in the Bollywood. Time and again he is seen with his brother Salman Khan in his movies and there he is able to deliver a good supporting performance but as a solo actor he has failed miserably. So, this will be another interesting watch to see if Arbaaz Khan is able to live up to the shoes of his brother Salman Khan.

Nirdosh begins with the arrest of a media professional who hails from Mumbai. Her name is Shinaya Grover and the role is essayed by Manjari Fadnis. She is arrested on the charges of her neighbour (Mukul Dev). She is a prime murder suspect in this case. This is a high profile murder case which suddenly receives lots of media attention. It suddenly receives lots of media attention and starts coming into the public limelight. No doubt raises many eyebrows too in the middle class sector that what is happening in the high class society.

This high profile murder case has been assigned to Inspector Lokhande which is being played by Arbaaz Khan. He derives great sense of pride that this high profile and very much in public glare has been assigned to him. Now, this is interesting to see how Arbaaz Khan plays the role of a cop in the movie because Salman Khan his brother has gained a lot of popularity among the masses playing the role of a cop in his Dabang franchise. The franchise has successfully come up with two movies and both of them have been super duper blockbuster and Salman khan has been widely appreciated and loved in both of them. So, we hoped that Arbaaz will also draw some inspiration from his brother and invoke life into this character.

Inpsector Lokhande is one of those investigating officers who derives pleasure and tries to find out the truth by torturing and physical abuse of the suspects. And he is also seen boasting throughout the movie about this talent and that only gives him an unmistakable record of being one of the most successful investigating officers. He is also heard of praising himself and saying number of times “hospital and police stations are the only two places from where there’s no guarantee that you will ever return”. But we are seriously glad that cinema halls does not feature into this list because of the unbearable acting of Arbaaz Khan you will feel like running from the theatres within 1 hour of the movie.

No doubt the flawed storyline, cinematography, too out of the way dialogues and superficial acting makes the movie unbearable and hardly a watch even. Mahek Chachal and Mukul dev are the only stars in the movie who try hard to take the movie to it’s ending credits. But somehow the movie overall lacks crispiness.

Rating : 1 star

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