My Birthday Song : Movie Review

My Birthday Song : Movie Review

My Birthday Song : Movie Review

Cast : Sanjay Suri, Nora Fatehi

Director : Samir Soni

Duration : 90 Minutes

My Birthday Song : Movie Review

Review : Have you ever been in a situation where you dream something, which is too ugly and dangerous. One of those dreams which you never want to be true but suddenly you wake up and you find that the reality is exactly same as your dream and the things are being repeated in similar sequence. Isn’t that scary??? Well, yes it is and that’s what exactly happens with the star of our movie Rajiv Kaul aka Sanjay Suri.My Birthday Song : Movie Review

Rajiv kaul is the owner of a successful ad agency but he is greatly troubled by his not so happy childhood memories and his scary nightmares. Nightmares are not a new thing for him and he has been troubled by them since ages.

So, Rajiv kaul is all set to celebrate his fortieth birthday and on the eve of his birthday there are numerous people who have gathered together to celebrate the special day for him. In the party is also the sexy and seductress Nora Fatehi. And both Rajiv Kaul and Nora Fatehi gets mutually attracted to each other. Though Rajiv Kaul is a married guy but still he is physically attracted to Nora Fatehi and they end up having a one night stand. But this one night stand rather than being romantic turns to be quite adventurous and thus is on the verge of becoming a murder night. Rajiv is stunned and quite scared because this is the time he starts dreaming inside a dream. Sounds confusing right? You need to watch the movie to get a better clarity on the same.My Birthday Song : Movie Review

My Birthday Song : Movie Review My Birthday Song : Movie Review

Anyways finally Rajiv has woken up from his dream and he is quite relieved to find out that he was only dreaming the entire time. But as his day progresses towards his 40th birthday he realizes that the same set of events which he saw in his dream are being repeated in reality. And he is stunned and tries his best to change things but to his displeasure the things are being repeated as usual. And he is trying his best to alter the proceedings of the day so that the end could be changed. In this process he tell his wife also about his one night stand to which she is extremely sad and said that should I be thankful that my husband only had a one night stand and not a full blown affair.

The movie progresses and you need to watch it closely otherwise you might miss out some very important details in the movie. First half of the movie is superb and thus it is gripping for the audience. The storyline of the movie is quite good. And what do you expect from the combination of Samir Soni and Sanjay Suri. They have earlier also delivered movies like My Brother Nikhil which made a mark despite of not being a mainstream movie. And till date the movie is remembered for being one of the best critically acclaimed movies. Sanjay Suri no doubt is the star of the movie and he is very well complimented by Nora Fatehi. She has played a quite good role in terms of her sexuality and performance. Sanjay Suri’s wife Ritu which is being played by Zenia Starr has a quite small role in the movie and nothing too substantial.

The film runs for only 90 minutes but it loses it track midway. The movie meanwhile becomes too ambitious and that is the time when audience began to lose interest from the movie.

Rating : 3/5

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My Birthday Song : Movie Review