Cast : Vineet Singh, Jimmy Shergill, Zoya Hussain

Director : Anurag Kashyap

Duration : 156 Minutes

Movie Review :

Anurag Kashyap has brought a number of movies to Bollywood. No wonder they have been quite different and more or less a great offering to Indian cinema. So, this time is his latest Mukkabaaz on the table. Let’s see what the latest one has to offer.

Mukkabaaz revolves around Vineet Singh whose only aim in life is to be a top boxer. Boxing is not only a game for him this is his way of achieving a better life.  He is fond of Rocky and his room is filled with Rocky’s posters. He considers himself as Uttar Pradesh’s Mike Tyson. But now comes not so good parts of the story. Vineet Singh is past the usual boxer age. But that is not the only struggling part for Vineet Singh. The list is long and goes quite strong. He falls in love with a girl Zoya Hussain and of course the girl also falls in love with him. But life is not a bed of roses. Enters the Bhagwan Das Mishra who is the uncle of Zoya. And the story doesn’t end here.

There is a political angle also in the movie. Of course just like every other Governmental department, sports federation is also filled with politics and bureaucracy. And you won’t believe the coincidence but Bhagwan Mishra aka Jimmy Shergil is the important man in Bareilly politics and he is the one who can make anyone shine or even make anyone lose his shine. And since he is the uncle of the girl Vineet loves, the reason is enough to break Vineet’s career.

The entire sports department cannot breathe under the increasing weigh of corruption. All of them are trying to please Bhagwan Mishra and be in his good books. And thus chances of Vineet Singh of making it big is gradually fading.

We also get to see the glimpse of Vineet’s Singh household where English speaking is considered as the only way of feeling educated. And the family also considers lack of English speaking as the one of the main reason for their misery. And then you see the darker side of Indian caste system. There is one scene in the movie where you can see Bhagwan Mishra is sharing a table in a local restaurant with a coach which is being played by Ravi Kishan. The coach belongs to the backward caste and thus Bhagwan Mishra asks the waiter to give him a separate jug and then he is stunned to see that the waiter has a stoned eye. And then there is an unwanted pause. That is the time when you realize that the roots of Indian caste system and the blackness around it runs quite deep in our country and you can see the rippling effect at very corner and levels of Indian society.

And then comes other struggling parts of the movie. Because of all this low mentalities and thinking wrestling and boxing is seen as an entertainment and actually there is no respect or even recognition for this players.

This is well highlighted in Anurag Kashayap’s latest movie. Other than this he hits against many other odd realities of sports industry in India and especially in boxing. No where in the movie love story between Vineet Singh and Zoya takes a backseat rather it forms a part of the main story and together all these contributes to a great bollywood start for the year 2018.

Audience this is one of the most mass endearing movie till date by Anurag kashyap.

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