Kadvi Hawa : Movie Review


Director : Nila Madhab Panda

Cast : Sanjay Mishra, Bhupesh Singh, Ekta Sawant, Ranvir Shorey, Tillotama Shome

Movie Review :

Nila Madhab Panda brings out a stark reality in the form of Kadvi Hawa. The movie is not on any new subject, but the subject which is greatly ignored by the mankind. The movie hits on the subject of climate change. This is not only about climate changes but also highlights on the extreme climates we are facing and both of them are neither good for our present nor for our future. And to top it the entire movie feels like a hard slap on your face. Yes, it comes without any humour or pun. It is just a plain bitter truth.Kadvi Hawa : Movie Review

Sanjay Mishra, the torchbearer of this movie essays the role of a farmer’s father. He is an old man who used to love his farmer’s profession but lately the work of a farmer has started drawing more pity than money. He is an old man who keeps wondering if his son, the farmer won’t commit suicide because of their family condition. His granddaughter is the only sense of happiness and satisfaction in his life. Other than his conversations with his buffalo Annapurna is what keeps the old man moving. Sanjay Mishra who is known as Hedu in the movie always keeps a check on his son Mukund (Bhupesh Singh) through his daughter in law Parvati (Tillotama Shome). Every day he walks to his farm and try to feel the wind which he refers to has turned bitter. He fondly remembers the time when wind was sweet and used to harvest his lands by the rain it used to bring with itself. This is the time when you realize that climate has changed drastically over past some years and though we all know that but the effects run quite deeper than what we might have thought.

You feel the effect of climate change in a scene of the classroom when teacher asks a student to name different seasons and he names only summers and winters. To which teacher is astonished and asks what about the monsoon season to which the student replies it rains only few days in a year that too many be in winter or in summer. And when the granddaughter narrates the same tale to her grandfather Hedu then he also starts thinking that how much the climate has changed in these few years.

Now, comes the second hero of the story the evil money collector which is being played by Ranvir Shorey. He is called as Gunu in the movie But he is known as “God of Death” in the movie and this name is given to him by the villagers. Gunu also has his share of story which is again impacted by climate change. But it focuses on other side of the coin. Gunu belongs to a coastal village in Odisha where every year rising sea level takes the lives of millions. His coastal village has been wiped off from the map because of the devastating waters in the sea. And this took the life of his father also. He shifted to a village near Rajasthan only to earn his double commission by recovering money from this debt laden farmers so that he with his wife, two daughters and widowed mother can live a happy and healthy life.

The movie stresses of many subjects which are closely associated with climate change. Climate adversities, debt laden farmers, and farmer suicides all this are well highlighted and discussed in the movie. It seriously makes you sit back and think that not much has changed in the life of farmers on screen and off screen since independence.

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