Ittefaq | Movie Review

Ittefaq : Movie Review

Cast : Sidharth Malhotra, Sonakshi Sinha, Akshaye Khanna

Director : Abhay Chopra

Duration : 100 Minutes

Movie Review : It’s been long that Bollywood has produced some serious crime suspense movies. And Director Abhay Chopra does his best to bring up one of the best suspense movie of this generation.

The movie begins with Vikram Sethi (Sidharth Malhotra) who is running away from cops. Later as the story progresses we came to know that Vikram’s wife is dead and her body is found in a posh hotel in Mumbai. He informs the police and just when he is bringing himself together the police finds him no where at the site. Vikram flees from the crime place and this obviously raises suspicion among the cops and they decide to chase Vikram their only witness to testify the crime. Later on we come to know that Vikram is an award winning novelist which was being published under the banner of his wife’s publishing company. Vikram’s last novel couldn’t do much and thus he was under immense pressure to make his recent one work.

When Vikram tries to run away from the spot, he lands up at the home of Sonakshi Sinha. And you will be amazed to know that at Sonakshi Sinha’s home also her husband is dead. Now, this obviously raises the eyebrows of the audience.

Vikram is being caught by the police and enters Akshaye Khanna who is in charge of the investigation. This is said to be a high profile case and Akshaye Khanna is under immense pressure to solve the case as quickly as possible. So, he begins to quiz Vikram. He brings the angle of sex, extra marital affair and money in the investigation. But there is no other clue or strong evidence that Vikram has committed the murder.

Meanwhile our senior cop begins to interrogate Maya who has some loophole in her story. Finally, it is known that Maya was involved in an extra marital affair with her husband’s friend and thus Maya and her boy friend kills her husband. So, now Maya is convicted for her hubby’s murder. But she keeps screaming that she is innocent.

Anyways the murder plot is set in the backdrops of Mumbai rain and it forms the pivotal part of the story. Akshaye Khanna uses this clue to nail Maya as a murderer of her husband. And as far as Vikram is concerned it is found that Vikram’s wife has died of heart attack and thus Vikram is released on the ground of being innocent.

And then Akshaye Khanna goes back home and begins to read Vikram’s novel and has a hint that may be Vikram committed his wife’s murder in a very smart way. After a thorough investigation he finds out that yes Vikram committed the murder of his wife but that is too late. Vikram also killed Maya’s husband and then he smartly manages to run away from the country and our beloved senior cop is unable to catch and get hold of him.

The movie has got no songs and thus no distractions for the audience. This 100 minute film is a good watch and will keep audience glued to the screens.

Rating : 4/5

Final Thoughts : Ittefaq for me is a must watch movie at least once. This is a perfect crime thriller movie where you as an audience won’t get much time to think or revisit the clues. The movie moves at a fast pace and you will also move alongwith the movie and finally you will realize by the end of the movie that this was definitely interesting.

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