Hina Khan on Hacked: Did this film because it is a subject that needs to be told

Written by A. Kameshwari
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Published: February 7, 2020 1:27:47 pm

hina khan on film hacked Hina Khan was in Delhi to promote her upcoming film Hacked. (Photo: APH Images)

Television actor Hina Khan is all set to dive into the world of cinema with her upcoming film Hacked, a psychological thriller, directed by Vikram Bhatt. The trailer gave us a sneak-peek into how Hina as Sam will bring alive all the fears related to the internet. Starring alongside Hina is Rohan Shah who plays a hacker.

In an exclusive interview with indianexpress.com, Khan and Shah opened up about the film.

What made you say yes to Hacked? Are you nervous about how it will be received?

Hina Khan: I did this film because it is a very different subject that needs to be told. And about its reception, well, we were nervous about the trailer as well because we have competition around. When you get to know that your film is releasing with a certain film with big stars who have inspired us in life, you are a bit scared and nervous. But when the trailer launched, it was received with so much warmth and love. The trailer trended for five days, which I heard is a big deal.

Initially, I was nervous but Vikram Bhatt told me how people get hacked in real life and so many around us are dealing with it as we speak. He told me that they (the victims) get ready to do anything and everything as per the blackmailer just to save their lives from getting public. So, I felt it is essential to address the topic.

Rohan Shah: Hacking and stalking are the big issues that this film is talking about. I am sure every girl in our country has a story or incident of being stalked. As an actor, I wanted to see where the character goes. It was so fun to explore it. I would say it is an actor’s dream role.

Hina Khan: We are not talking about the stalking that fans do on Instagram or something. We are talking about serious stalking, which is a crime and unfortunately, no one talks about. You cannot get into someone’s privacy.

Hacked is creepy on many levels, yet it is a reality of the society. While working on the film, how did you understand the psyche of the victim and criminal?

Rohan Shah: He is a hero in his brain. As an actor, to play the character convincingly, I cannot judge Vivek. I had to understand why he does what he does. When I got an answer to my ‘why’, his behaviour started making sense. In fact, by the end of the shoot, I was compassionate towards him too.

Hina Khan: I was traumatised. I have broken down on the set many times. When you watch the film, there is a scene where Sam, my character, takes a devastating step, which you and I would never even consider.

For 3-4 months, I was in a different space, which made Sam look the way she looks in the film. There was this energy about the character. And as an actor, it is important to feel that energy to perform.

Has your behaviour on social media changed post the film?

Rohan Shah: Oh, yes. Now, I am more conscious about things I do on social media, even if it is ordering food.

Hina Khan: I have been freaking out ever since I got to know that phones can be cloned. Like imagine, someone keeps his/her phone next to yours and the next thing you know is that every piece of information on your phone has been cloned. I was so scared because I have this habit of taking my pictures at home, at the gym, checking out my abs and what not. I deleted all of them. And it is not just about intimate moments with a partner, when you are alone, you explore yourself. There are so many things. So, it was scary.

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Have you been in a relationship that was obsessive? Met any obsessive fans?

Hina Khan: Obsessive relationship, no. I am myself so dominating (giggles) but obsessive fans, yes. Some of them have been very disturbing. They are so frustrating that you block them but they come back with a new number every single time.

Rohan Shah: I think, to an extent, in every relationship, there is someone who is dominating or wanting to do a little extra than the other. But I don’t think I have ever been in that situation.

How to avoid being hacked?

Hina Khan: Technology has its advantages and disadvantages. My tip would only be that don’t be so dependent on it. In today’s time, we don’t even remember our pin numbers. We save it on our phone. Earlier, we used to remember every phone number but now we are so dependent on it, which makes us prone to get hacked.

Rohan Shah: Understand the balance in life. Don’t get so dependent on it.

Hacked releases on February 7.

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