Fukrey Returns | Movie Review

Fukrey Returns : Movie Review

Cast : Pukit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha, Priya Anand

Direction : Mirghdeep Singh lamba

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Review :

Fukrey Returns is the sequel of Fukrey after a long four year gap. The movie retains its original characters Hunny, Choocha, Lali and Zafar along with the lady don Bholi Punjaban. You don’t need to watch the first part to understand the second part because in the starting only director gives you a small insight of the first part.

And now begins the second part of the story where you see Bholi Punjaban has lost all her money and using her remaining power she struggles to get out of Tihar Jail. On the other hand life of these four boys is moving like a dream. Zafar is moving towards a steady relationship with his girlfriend from the first part. Lali is still scared of his father and both Hunny and Choocha are buzy in figuring out their lottery luck by relying on Choocha’s dreams. And of course Choocha is still obsessing over Bholi Punjaban.

Anyways, now since Bholi is out of Tihar Jail and she is quite desperate to earn her money back and repay Bhatia who helped in her release. In her desperation, she asks all the four guys to group up and help her to earn her money back. And of course whatever plans they make, they fail and thus begins the circle of funny twists and turns.

Not to forget the show stealer still is not the plot but the awesome performances by almost all of them. But the limelight is Choocha who still believes that Bholi loves him dearly and on one fine day she is going to come to his arms. Hunny continues with his lady luck and oozes charm in some of the scenes he shares with the girl. Lali and Zafar are in their usual self and with their serious looks but perfect comic timing they are a treat to watch. But surprisingly the show stealer is Pankaj Tripathi as Pandit ji. I am sure you remember him the college watchman. His hilarious jokes and understated but yet powerful acting is hard to forget.

The sequel is also perfect just like the first part. It makes you laugh at regular intervals and you would never feel bored in the entire movie. The first part is more hilarious and so is the second part. But in the second part the movie seems a bit dragged. Also, I think that in the second part the makers are trying hard to focus on the storyline and thus it gets a bit repetitive after some time. But even then regular jokes makes the second half bearable.

Overall, I find first part was much better than the second part. Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani with director Mrighdeep singh Lamba have tried their best to bring out the sequel. And it has come out also quite beautifully. They can also come up with the third part of this franchise but we strongly believe that they should try to incorporate some new storyline to the plot else it will get repetitive and boring and of course you cannot create magic with the same story in all three parts. And not to forget the third part should come out soon not like a gap of four years otherwise the audience would soon forget and loose interest in the entire franchise.

Rating : 3/5

Final Thoughts : You can watch the movie as a quick entertainer but of course it’s not a “MUST WATCH” movie.

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