Aiyaary : Movie Review

Aiyaary : Movie Review

Director : Neeraj Pandey

Cast : Siddharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, Manoj Bajpayee, Pooja Chopra

Duration : 2 Hour 40 Minutes

Review :

Aiyaary has finally hit the theatres after a very long struggle. The movie was supposed to release in January then Aiyaary : Movie Reviewbecause of Padmavat, the movie shifted it’s dates to February and now it has finally released among the audience. The 160 minute long movie by Neeraj Pandey was expected to be an action cum suspense movie which will have regular flavousr of patriotism. But sadly the movie Aiyaary lacked in this department. Aiyaary rather than becomes a regular bollywood movie which looks a bit dragged at some parts.

Aiyaary begins with the Officer Colonel (Abhay Singh) who is dutifully enjoying his life and training his juniors to protect the country. He is one of those correct and dutiful officer who you cannot see in real life, you can only see them on movies. He is the one who likes to keep things in control and mostly in his control. But things go wrong when one of his teammate Jai Bakshi whose character is being played by Sidharth Malhotra goes wrong and decides to stand against he himself and his country. This definitely upsets Abhay Singh but he is also helpless. Abhay Singh is helpless because he cannot believe that this is the person who is standing against him because this was one of the most loyal and brightest fellow. Definitely he is taken aback but his strong belief in the system is what pushes him to get hold of this wrong guy and do justice to the country and fellow men. And thus begins the crux of the movie.

On the other front Sidharth Malhotra is also seen romancing with the leading lady of the movie. Rakul Preet singh does every thing to make herself look cute and calm and that works also but sadly she is restricted to only being the love interest in the movie. Her role is confined to that and we cannot see anything new which she has to offer in the movie. There are many other characters like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah in the movie but they also don’t seem to add too much of element in the movie. I feel that both these superb actors have not been fully utilized in the movie. You can also see Pooja Chopra in the movie but her role is also limited to being the loyal person of Abhay Singh.

Now, comes to the analyzing part of the performances of the movie. The movie more or less seems monotonous and in between you will definitely lose interest from the movie.  There are many contrasting characters in the movie which compels you to think that movie is nothing but just a fictional piece without any logical meaning to it. Let’s talk about Jay’s character. He is seen playing the role of a cool guy who walks as easily as he walks on the parks. But do you understand what kind of a risk jay runs through? He is one of the guy who has ditched the army, his fellow men and is standing against the country and still he is cool. If we were in his shoes then we would be running here and there and hiding ourselves.

Even Rakul Preet Singh could very easily be eliminated from the movie as her character does nothing special in the entire movie.

Overall the movie is nothing more than a decent watch. You can easily skip it just to save the ever rising PVR costs.

Rating : 2/5

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