1921 : Movie Review

1921 : Movie Review

Director : Vikram Bhatt

Cast : Zareen Khan, Karan Kundra

Review : Vikram Bhatt is back with yet another horror movie of 1920 franchise. The first movie 1920 came in the year 2008 and till date it scared the hell out of the audience. Frankly speaking there are very few horror movies which live up to the expectations and are able to scare the shit out of audience and 1920 successfully did that. But that was one of the movie. The sequels of 1920 failed to do that. Now, let’s see what the latest and the fourth movie of the franchise 1921 has in store?

The movie which hit the theatres today has Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra in the lead. The movie begins where Karan Kundra sings and plays at his father’s boss residence and he is extremely happy and delighted by Karan’s talent. As per Vikram Bhatt’s story Karan Kundra is gifted with an exceptional talent of music and singing but he has not got any formal training for the same. Thus, his boss asks Karan to go to New York and attain a professional training and degree and he can also work as a care taker of his mansion at New York. Karan readily agreed and thus headed for New York but after spending few days there he begins to experience quite strange and crazy things. He feels that there is some supernatural spirit around him. Suddenly, the cousin of his father’s boss arrives at the mansion and tries her best to kill Karan. Why?? Of course the reasons are unknown and this forms the main part of the story.

Meanwhile Zareen Khan is a gorgeous girl who has got mysterious power of communicating and connecting with spirits. She helps many locals and other people by talking to spirits. Overall she is shown as a good soul in the movie. But the strange part is that Zareen falls in love with Karan without even having a glance at him or exchanging looks with him. She has never seen the man yet she loves her like anything. This gets quite unconvincing at the beginning. But slowly she comes to know about Vikram’s spooky supernatural experiences and thus helps her.

But will she succeed to help Karan or will Karan get killed by the cousin? If these questions are bothering you then you must watch the movie 1921.

Now, here comes the saddest part of the movie. Horror movie is all about holding attention and making the audience feel scary but 1921 miserably fails to do that. The movie has got too many songs and the songs actually don’t contribute anything to the plot. Also, there are too many unnecessary songs which could easily be avoided and that’s what makes the movie a biggest pass. You can really skip the songs and go for a phone walk or a loo break.

Also, there are regular gaps and flaws in the plot. The direction of the movie has got a story in mind but it lacks details and proper execution. At any parts you will feel that the movie lacks coherence and proper flow. First part of the movie is great but seconds half lacks soul. Audience will easily get lost and find the second half boring and dragging in the movie.

As far as the lead cast goes, Zareen Khan shines in the movie. This has to be her career best movie performance. She shines and is the only reason to watch the movie. And karan Kundra fails miserably in his over acting. He needs to really brush up his skills before thinking of tanking any movie down.

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